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Day 4...and it continues!

Day 04 – What you ate today, in great detail.

Ha that's kinda funny cuz there's like no food in the house. We really need to go shopping -_-;

The day started off with a ham sandwich and a banana. Yay. Oh wait, I'm supposed to do this in "great detail" right? Ummm ok. It involved a piece of bread which I toasted and cut in half. I then spread some honey-horse radish mustard gently over the bread and placed the ham in between the sandwich stabilizers. Then I ate a banana. The curved yellow fruit. There...that was some pretty good detail!

Was getting pretty hungry by supper and crap...not really anything here to make either. But my best friend's dad called and asked if my uncle and I wanted to go out for supper on the bike. So me, my uncle, my best friend's dad, and my best friend's lil sister went for supper tonight at this restuarant my cousins really like. It's like sports themed (lol I hate sports in general...especially football which was the key player lol)

Anyway, had the "Willie Stargell" sandwich (I don't even know who it's named after o_O) cause that's what all my cousins get and I admit it was pretty good. It was like a chicken cheesesteak with lettuce and tomato and coleslaw piled on top with a side of fries. Not bad, not bad. I also cheated and had a Pepsi. Not that I'm on a diet or anti-soda propoganda spiel but I don't really drink a lot of soda anymore. Since the half the household turned diabetic I've had to become hyper aware of the sugar in things since I'm one of the major cooks in the family. Even though I don't have a problem with sugar I feel guilty whenever I drink it now knowing it has freaking 40 grams of sugar in a single can xD (and diet soda is disgusting. Yuck) But I still love my Pepsi and Dr. Pepper =D But really, I'd rather have tea ^_^
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