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Wah! I made it! Day 5

Day 05 – Your definition of love, in great detail.

Love, huh?

That's a pretty broad term. Who came up with these questions? I could ramble on for days!

Erm so I'm supposing the question means what I believe love is in general? Not love of a thing or love between a spouse/significant other or even love between a parent and child? Ah man...this is probably going to get confusing if I don't have a specific goal. Uh...erm...ok. Let's do this ;)

Ok so love. First and foremost, and most importantly I have to say the one thing I absolutely do know about love and will stand by it to the death is that love is NOT A FEELING. It is a decision of the will and an action. There are feelings attached to love but they are not love in and of itself. Nor should they be confused with love. Probably the biggest failure of our generation is connecting love to feeling only. That's not true at all.

Just like couples who have been married for years suddenly come to the conclusion they are "no longer in love" with that person and abandon the relationship. Love is a decision and an action. I see no where in the marriage vows where it says "I'll promise to love you until I don't anymore. I'll love you as long as I feel like it...however long that may be." Which may be continued as "Then I'll drop you like a hot rock and move on to someone else and start the process all over again until I get tired of them too".

Love is protected by marriage is it not? And marriage by a covenant before God? It is supposed to last as long as you "both shall live". It is a contract in life. Because it's a covenant. A solemn pledge before and involving God stating that you will not break this oath and will protect it, with His help, upon pain of death, because the 3 (God, man, wife lest I confused anyone. Not talking about polygamy here lol) of them have entered into an agreement that cannot be broken or changed. That's the point. It is to bind and unite for life. Not until someone get's tired or bored and decides to move on to something more exciting. Humans are stupid.

Like I said before, humans are far too easily confused about love and what love really means outside of "feelings".  And even while "in love" humans will project ideas of what love "should be" even though these ideas aren't really...the best ideas in the world.

-Love is patient and kind. Being in love with a person doesn't mean you instantly found a perfect person the minute you set eyes on them. You realize your loved one has faults and are not blind to them BUT you are patient with that person because you want to help build that person up and help get past that fault. You know your own faults as well and want your loved one to help you get past them in return. Being in love, you mutually desire to help each other become better people. And in the life long transition period you are patient and bear with their faults and failures along the way. You may not and perhaps in some cases should not condone their mistakes but are still patient with them because you won't give up on them. Love is a decision and an action.

-Love does not envy. If you're getting all mad over your loved one's successes...erm...what page are you on? Cause it's certainly not on the same page as them! Loving someone means you're happy when they're happy because doesn't everyone want to see their loved ones happy and prospering? Getting jealous over something instead of helping to celebrate with your loved one probably means you aren't desiring their highest good if you'd rather have that "special whatever" instead of letting them have it.

-Love doesn't boast nor is it proud. Erm...why should it be? Why would you willingly shove your loved one's nose into some achievement of yours or someone else's just to make them feel bad or inadequate? Obviously, you couldn't care very much about this person's welfare that you claim to love. Or what about being proud? What good does it do to anyone to be so proud as to not accept their loved one's help when they need it? If you are linked together why would you want your other half to struggle? No one would want that. You fail and succeed as a team. Therefore what good does it do you to be proud? You're both in this together. To be the best you can be :)

-Love is not rude or self-seeking. Once again, what good are you doing to your loved one if you are selfishly putting yourself first and ignoring their needs? Love doesn't do that. Love put others first. ALWAYS. And guess what? If your loved one truly loves you too they'll put you first as well so the cycle continues. That's how love works. It goes back and forth it's never supposed to be onesided. If so, it's not love.

-Love is not easily angered and it keeps no record of those wrongs. Love bears with many things. Like I mentioned before, you may not condone your loved one actions but you still love them are working to change those traits that should be put away. Or even if it's not serious character faults we're talking about doesn't keep bringing up stupid fights...Like over the radio station in the car...what to get on the pizza ect. Especially if you know your loved one enjoys something much more than you do but you'd still rather like to have your way with yields because isn't it much better to see your loved one happy than to be happy just because you got your way?
Love doesn't hide away each and every little problem they've experience along the way to throw it back in their loved one's face at a convenient time. Love forgets and moves on. Because quite honestly, love is a course that you're moving through to get to a desired end. You need to keep moving. It's not just a ride that you enjoy until it finally fizzles out.

-Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. Love isn't going to flatter you and lie to your face. Love is going to love you enough to tell you the truth but make it clear that they still love you even with these problems. Because remember, love is in it to help you become a better person. It's not there just for you to rest on when you need a break from getting battered by the world. Though that is an added perk ;) Love will be honest because what kind of relationship can you build on lies and falsehoods? An unfinished, unrealized life together fated for destruction ending in 3 years? 20? Or a strong bond only severed by death itself?

-Love always protects. Because love has seen the secret sides of a person and knows what it has though the world may not see it. Love knows exactly how valuable a person really is. Love will protect at all costs. Because for absolutely no reason would love ever hand over their loved ones to be delivered up unto unknown circumstances. Love doesn't neglect. It's always concerned and yearns for the comfort and safety of its object of affection.

-Love always trusts. Because what is love without trust? Why wouldn't love believe you? Exactly what kind of relationship would you have if your loved one told you something and you immediately accused them of the very opposite? Love trusts until they absolutely can't. I suppose a more powerful thought is the idea of the trust a loved one gives you. Even if you think you can't come through but because of that trust given you, you must fulfill it. And as it turns out...I guess you end up bearing up under that trust, huh? Because you had to. Love doesn't betray.

-Love always hopes. Love never let's you plummet, crashing to the ground. Love never gives up and will support you and give you hope when you yourself no longer can. Love will always look for the bright side and show it to you when it seems you've forgotten. Love will not be quick to accuse but hope for the best in dreary situations. Love doesn't give up.

-Love perseveres. This is kinda tied in with hope but is as strong as death and burns as a mighty flame. Love will push on no matter what. It will not just one day decide your value has dropped and leave you alone. Love will always see you the same...your immeasurable value which must never be ignored. Because seriously, how much does a person really love you if after 7 troubles you still are not through your valley and at the 8th trouble, Whoops. "You are just too much of a bother now. I think we'll call it quits here". Love never says that because love knows how priceless of a gift and irreplacable of one it has and will absolutely refuse to ever give it up. Love will persevere instead. Love will make it work.

Love NEVER fails.

Because that's the defintion of love. It can't fail. If it does, it isn't love. Love is a decision followed up by the action of the will. It refuses to give up on a person. And because of that, love never fails.

Well...not sure how coherent that was but it was in great detail wasn't it? Lol =P Therefore I succeeded ha ha

Man, I'm tired. And there's still a lot more I could say. But it's late and actually this entry almost didn't happen! We didn't get back until late tonight and I didn't even get on the computer until like an hour ago ha ha Ah well, this was my entry for day 5 :)
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