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8 and Counting!

Day 08 – A moment, in great detail.

A moment, eh? That's kinda hard. There's few things I still remember in great detail that I could recount. I used to have the best memory around.

Funny how a lot of the moments that are coming to mind now I don't really want to talk about. A lot of those treasured memories are now wasted scraps of trash. Seriously, like I couldn't think of one good memory/positive moment when I want to?! xD

AH! HA! I've got the juices flowing. It just took me longer because I have to adjust my train of thought apparently. What used to be my first source of "happy moments/memories"...isn't anymore and I'm not used to thinking about something else instead.

But ok how about this.
EDIT! Ha that got too emo-y =P

Let's try that again. A Moment.

Last Wednesday night :) I was on my way to church and the weather was...weird. Ha ha rainy then no rain then...cloudy then SUNSHINE! Then rain again =P Anyway, I was have a mediocre day that was sliding more steadily to the pessimistic side. I was on my way to church and was determined to not walk in all dejected and like 10 minutes before arriving at church the weather in the next county (I go to church in a different county now. Takes me like a half hour to get there one way) started to change compared to what it was at home. It was all sunshiney and beautiful. You have to admit that county has some pretty nice scenery :) And since sunshine just makes me all sorts of happy that made my evening. BUT that wasn't it. Along with traveling to a different county, I ALWAYS have the radio on and have all 6 buttons set to preset stations =P The further you get in that county the more the signal fades for a few of those stations. Well, my signal was starting to fade but I thought I picked up a pretty cool song I had never heard before. It was muffled and fuzzy so I wasn't sure what I was listening to but pretty soon it came back full strength! And the intro to this song was AMAZING. I loved it. It was "Just the Way You Are" by Bruno Mars. The first time I had ever heard it. And I was really getting into the amazing melody of the song when church started coming into sight. I got a little bummed because I wanted to hear the whole song. But as I pulled into the parking lot with the sun shining into my eyes the song ended. That was pretty awesome ^_^ Totally made my night and gave me a smile to wear for a good while ^_^
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