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Ya know the last time I was asked this I freaked out...

Day 10 – What you wore today, in great detail.

Ha ha uh...ok.

I've been promising cookies to my cousin Bill and today I finally got around to making them. I mixed up two batches of dough yesterday and popped it in the fridge.

After I showered up and everything this morning I put on my "housework uniform". I put on my "work jeans" which happen to be an old pair of carpenter style jeans (I love hammer loops! ^_^) that have a pretty huge hole in them lol. I snagged them on a screw a couple years ago and now I have this "L" shaped hole on my left leg. Hence they are my "work jeans".

After that I threw on an old ratty t-shirt. And's ratty lol. I think it was a top to a pajama set at one time. But it's this oversized yellow t-shirt with Taz from the Looney Tunes on it with cherries I believe. Eh, whatever it's comfy. I used that a lot to paint in this summer. It's nice wearing absolutely hideous things that you don't care get even more ruined or not. That's their purpose =P

So after say 3 hours of baking I finished all the cookies. Not really a hard job. Plus it was rather "pleasant" today. I can tell it's beginning to feel like Fall and I ABSOLUTELY HATE Fall like you wouldn't believe -_-; Yeah...I like go into denial about the seasons changing when it comes to Fall xP Ugh. Buuut anyway it was a nice day. Not hot but not really cool either. So after baking all those cookies can't say I even broke a sweat. So wrangled something up for supper and headed off to church once I got changed into a little something better. But not that huge of a  step up xD

Put on a nicer pair of jeans and my old gym uniform t-shirt. Since I've graduated I wear that shirt like an everyday shirt cuz...why not? It was clean and on the top of my pile of folded clothing in my laundry basket. We had a winner.

I was also wearing my old Adidas Superstar 2G Team Color basketball sneakers. I LOVE THOSE! I just got a new pair of the same thing since I love them so much buuuut...I have a hard time actually wearing them since I enjoy basking in their new, white, awesomeness. I can't bring myself to wear them out too much because THEY'RE SO PRISTINE AND WHITE AND PERFECT! Especially when I compare them to my current pair. Man, they're dirty =P Ah, but I love those shoes.

And uh...that pretty much sums up what I was wearing today.  Sorta compare this to Day 4's "What you ate today" entry. This is kinda creepy o_O =P
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