firejem325x (firejem325x) wrote,

I always liked the number 12...cept in the "12 Days of Christmas" redundancy song -_-;

Day 12 – Something you do on a daily basis, or frequently, in great detail.

Listen to music. I need to. I have to. I want to. Due to certain incredibly sad circumstances my mp3 player became my best friend ^_^ In fact, one of the worst days I had in my life happened when my music failed me. I admit I use music as my drug. I suppose using something as a crutch isn't always the best approach compared to taking it on but those were some incredibly hard days and no one was fighting with me...instead they had me surrounded and turned traitor. But I suppose there are much worse things to use as your drug =)

But yes, overall, my music has helped me out a lot. It really is like my air. When I was working at the Graphics shop I can't tell you how I physically felt suffocated when I'd be in the back working on something. Nothing is worse than strange..."unfamiliar" music. It seriously sucked the breath right out of me and it wasn't until I could get back to the front and hum something to myself/read some lyrics or perhaps catch something from Nicole's radio that things would get better. But things were pretty bad during those days. And I really don't expect things to ever get like that again. Hopefully they are over for this lifetime. And technically I think they are. In those days I had to battle things seriously for the first time that I'd never been up against. And now knowing the things I know I don't think things will ever be like that again. Simply because of the things I now know. Thank God for that.

Connect the ear phone jack to my Creative Labs 8 gig Zen mp3 player and I'm good for most anything. Jane is at her best when she has her head phones on ^_~ Seriously..."Zen" and sorts of mellow and happiness. Dare I say..."glee"? Lol I love that tiny little contraption!

But yeah, I listen to music all the time. It helps keep my mood more buoyant ^_~ (and frick! My nickname is "Sunshine"...but on the flip side I'm also known as "hurricane" lol We'll just leave it at that =P)
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