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Day 3!

Day 03 – Your parents, in great detail.

Pfffft. Uh ok. My dad is almost 80 and my mother is in her 60s. They have over a decade age gap between them and my brother is almost a decade older than me. My family is weird. You have no idea.

Having parents like mine posed quite the challege when I was in school. Especially the early years. Oh gag...the horrors. I also think my parents don't really even like children as anyone with a toddler scares them xD So it kinda makes me wonder why they even bothered having kids lol

I will say my dad is pretty hardcore. He and his brother were the first bikers in my town back in the day. He was a bit of a quiet rebel xD I love his stories of when he worked in Jersey lol
Quite honestly, I'm very much like my father. Seriously, I look just like him. The worst part is we have the same helmet size  -_-; Lol

My mother...well she prefers my brother over me. I was a Daddy's girl anyway. My mother handles all the people-to-people interaction for my dad since he's a total wallflower so to speak lol. She's pretty good with that. Well manered, light, jolly small talk and such. She's into reading. She's even sitting over there in a chair reading right now. I have a lot of books (mainly reference cause I like object truths...though I enjoy some fiction as well ^_^) but my mother...SHEESH! She dwarfs me. Too bad she doesn't have anything I'd read >_< Lol but it's all cool. I got 4 books just today xD She likes westerns and cooking shows/books. But like me she also has this strange lil quirk of catching all the cryptozoology and mummy shows on the History Channel xD Heh I even got her into SciFi LOL! So if anything I'll watch tv with my mom. Dad watches Fox News all day and heaven forbid should we change it ha ha

But one thing I will say about my dad is if we're not watching Fox's bluegrass -_-; Daddy loves his bluegrass. Which is kinda funny considering how he loves that genre of music so much yet refuses to eat any kind of leafy green vegetation xD My father's had cancer TWICE and has beaten it praise be to God both times. He's supposed to be on a high fiber diet buuuuut pretty much only eats fried things ha ha

My most parents are not perfect. And not to sound like I'm pushing a bunch of blame on them but...they did a lot of things that crippled me in one way or another. I really wish they would have been like other parents in that respect. I wish they would have shown a little more concern and ferociously taken down anyone who threatened to harm me. But things don't always work out like they should or how we "think" they should. Ever run to your parents for help and feel 2x as helpless as before you sought them out? I wish they would have acted like I was a little more valuable.  But over all I'm sure they put up with a lot of things from me other people wouldn't tolerate and I put up with a bunch of things other people would never take. So I guess it all works out. I was meant to have these parents and quiet frankly I'm lucky to have parents at all, right? They never abandoned me in the street or let me starve. New sneakers for school every year...My Little Ponies...a stereo for my 7th birthday...Yeah I'm sure I could have worse parents. Not to mention pumping money in me for a private school education growing up.God bless my parents ^_^
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