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Day 6 and I'm still making it happen!

Wah! I'm gonna be so tired for church tomorrow lol xD

Ok so because I'm all stubborn and refuse to miss a day (since I just barely managed to post yesterday's entry xD and I'm not gonna waste it now! ) I'm gonna complete this entry as well xD

So here we go ;)

Day 06 – Your day, in great detail.

Alright, so I woke up and got a shower. All that usual stuff. Then I came out to the kitchen in the attempt to make breakfast materialize. Which really would have been magic because we have like no food lol We needed to go shopping and were going to do so today since we were free buuut still...that left the problem of breakfast...or rather the lack thereof. And I simply wasn't in a cereal mood.

So while I was brainstorming for an idea for brunch my brother suddenly came over. Yeah, he came to mooch food lol. He was desperate and ate a bowl of cereal...while still managing to complain about our lack of anything edible....during his rendevouz  with our cheerios box -_-; Lol whatever. So he proposed we go out for lunch. So we all piled in my dad's truck and went to one of my favorite lil restaurants outside of town. Lol I REALLY wanted a panini and I like theirs ha ha =P So after some complaining from the guys we wound up there anyway ^_^ Whatever, it was good =P

So after we ate we chatted a lil until we got the bill, paid, then left. Well almost. Dad gave me the check with some cash and had me pay while everyone headed outside. I had to stand in line waiting to pay -_-; Awesome. So after I finally got through I walked out aaaaand couldn't find the truck -_-; I hate to admit it but parking lots pwn me :x's sad. I couldn't remember where we parked lol. Then my family teased me once I did manage to find my way back xD

Since by this point we were close to the neighboring town we stopped by a car dealership cuz my dad and brother wanted to look at the new trucks. Boring. Luckily that didn't last long. My mom and I stayed in the truck while the guys were gawking and I took my wallet out and organized all my discount/reward cards :)

Got home then later on mom and I went for groceries. FINALLY. Ha ha =P But get this...while we were at another store picking up a few things we couldn't get at the first I heard my mom's phone go off. Lol she heard this noise "following" her but didn't realize it was her own cell xD So I told her and she finally picked up. It was my brother. His girlfriend lives like an hour a way and comes down, up, over...erm...wherever she lives. I'm bad at directions remember! xD Lol anyways she comes down on the weekends my brother has off work. THEREFORE we must go out to eat and spend time with the love birds. Dad and Uncle Ed weren't really hungry but were talked into going anyway. Uncle Ed just ordered coffee and dessert =P

We all went in my Uncle's Expedition since there were 6 of us and the truck only holds 5...unless I wanted to sit in the middle console but yeah...rather not =P So I got stuck in the very back of the expedition but whatevs. It was cool. I was chillin in the back with my mp3 player (I'm currently addicted to "Just the Way You Are" but Bruno Mars =P Ohmygosh! I love the intro! It's so peaceful and mellow and happy ^_^). But while I was just doin my thing in the back I heard a noise coming from my pocket. Thought it was my messenger alert at first. Thought I was getting a text message. NOPE! Suddenly I realized I was hearing my pocket "singing" and was therefore getting a call. That doesn't happen too often because I usually have my phone one airplane mode (and usually get yelled at for having my phone "off" all the time lol) since my battery drains easily and it takes 3 - 3 1/2 hrs to charge it since I have the extended battery -_-; And I use that as my alarm clock so I can't really charge it over night (and there's no outlets in that part of my room by my bed...yeah...awesome). But I pulled it out of my pocket and checked the caller id and saw it was my best friend! She wanted to know what I was doing/where I was cause she was in town and was gonna pick me up if I was home. Lol in like 10 mins I would be so she said she'd swing by and we could go chill at her house. Man, I miss Kayla. We haven't seen each other in like 3 weeks again  ha ha We don't like that =P But she just started her 2nd yr of college and I know her schedule's tight with working and such. And since we don't go to same church anymore we don't really get to see each other that much :\ But tonight we did! Ha ha on the way over she was telling me "I don't know what we're going to do once we get there..." ha ha Yeah I figured but we didn't care. We were happy just to see each other :) Then when her dad and younger sister got home we couldn't believe we had just spent 3 hrs together. It went so fast! But it's all good. We were "planning". The week after Labor Day my family always goes camping and this year hopefully Kayla and spend the last night with us. She said I'd have to convince her daddy lol Of course, my parents didn't care. They are staying up the entire time anyway. They'll be going back and forth to take care of the dog at night cause somebody has to. However, I'm like glued to the camper and everyone knows that =P But WAH! Can't wait! She always wanted to go up there and perhaps this year she will! And even better, she'll be with me! So here's to hoping ^_~

And that was my night. Entirely unexpected and a little spontaneous but pretty darn awesome overall. Wah, thanks Lord for letting me see Kayla ^_^

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