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Day 7

Day 07 – Your best friend, in great detail.

Pfffft. Never thought I'd ever answer this question in my whole life. People are idiots. Ha ha =P

But after so many years everything changes. And then it changes again. There's a cycle to life. But I'm lucky to say I actually have 2 best friends that I can count on when I need them (tho I usually never tell them cuz I don't want to bother them xD I know. I'm a smartie huh?).

But let's see. My first best friend, that would be Kate ^_^ I've known her since 6th grade and love her dearly. I remember the first time we met. On Orientation night 2 days before school started. Since my last name starts with a "Z" I pretty much know where to go when in our alphabetical form. And that's how the classroom was set up. And being the only "Z" I head for the last seat only to see some girl sitting there. I was confused and about to tell her she had the wrong seat when I realized she was a fellow "Z". WHOAH. That liked NEVER happened ha ha. GODSEND. So we hit it off pretty quickly. She even stood by me when my first best friend (in dude I even just had some revelations about that like this week. I'm such an idiot xP)betrayed me for Chloe the girl who gossiped about me to steal my best friend away from me a whole month later. She barely knew me but defended me. Kate was pretty special. But that whole, whatever ha ha. Elementary school what-nots just don't mean as much as they used to =P Though I still wish I had the pencil back that I lost in 2nd grade xD

The thing is Kate's never changed. Mostly because she doesn't need to because she's perfect the way she is =) Seriously, if I could be more like anyone it would be Kate. She's like a perfect example of Christ. And a lot of people couldn't stand her because she was so beyond them. You just couldn't trip her up because she was so rooted in her Savior. Honestly, always kind, always considerate, always going out of her way to help someone else even when it was a major inconvenience to her and SMILING through it all. Amazing. Lol but there were times when something would get to her xD Oh gosh she's funny. Like the time her soda exploded all over her WHITE skirt in the bus on our mission trip xD "JAAAaaaAAaaNE! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!" ha ha Classic. I love Kate. ^_^ We always had such good times together. Since we graduated we lost contact. Mainly on my part. I faded from that whole scene. Had some issues I had to work on. Who knew that was nothing compared to what the last 2 years of my life would be? Seriously...But anyways during the first year of the 7th circle of hell I made contact with her and she was SOOOO Happy. She told me she tried searching online but never found me. What? What was that? Searching for ME? *wibble* I LOVE KATE! Everyone should have a friend like Kate. The world would be a much better place if they did. But yeah...I was starting to really have a lot of complications from that whole...hell scene and there was absolutely no one I could turn to. I'm not exaggerating that either. Having your own blood family think you were lying when you've always been an ethical person without a history of such a thing...and either doing nothing and looking the other way or TAKING THE SIDE OF THOSE WHO HARMED ME instead. No one would so much as listen. Yeah...that was torment. That was the beginning of another year and a half of breakdowns. But subconsciously I knew of the one earthly person who would help me. It was Kate. Over the period of 7 months I had over 12 dreams of her. I was trying to find her so desperately. Within the 3 years we hadn't seen each other I had 2 dreams of her. Yeah...I understand psychology a little better than the average person and I knew this was a pretty bad sign. I wanted to see Kate so bad but at the same time I couldn't burden her with this because...what happen to me was pretty major. And I knew Kate would take my problem to heart and worry and stress over it like it was her own. I couldn't bring myself to do that. But if I could only see her...Luckily there was an event being held at our old school and we arranged to meet up. I tried to keep things...hide all the trauma from her in general but even though when we caught sight of each other and "fangirl squee-ed" in delight...I saw in her eyes she knew something was up. That kinda hurt me. Can't really hide too much from her. We get each other on that level even though it's been a year since we've seen each other last. I've never told her anything though. She doesn't know my reason behind all these things...especially since my "exile" but that's a totally different story ha ha. But I saw no point in spreading the misery around. I don't know if you're supposed to share everything with your friends. It's not that I want to keep her at bay so to speak or keep her at a distance but...I don't want her to bear my anguish. I know the toll it took on me and I just want to save her from that. But in trying to keep her from this agony am I hurting her by not telling her the real reasons? Ah, I don't know...

We both congradulated each other on still staying the same for the most part. And told each other to stay that way lol. Not that I'd know since I was like absent from everything but she said a lot of people we formerly "knew" had changed and turned into people neither of us would want to be. I love Kate. May God richly bless her. Ha ha I love Kate ^_^ As if you couldn't tell by now. I thank God for letting me meet her. I'm glad I had such an influence like her in my life. When I write my memoirs she'll get a whole chapter =P

Then there's Kayla. I've known Kayla since the spring of 2002. Or rather, known OF her. She and her brother (not so much her little sister. Taylor's the adventurous one ;P) were both preeeeetty darn shy back in those days. So yeah...we went to the same church and recognized each other and stuff but we never really talked. It was kinda weird ha ha I was in 8th grade and she was in 5th. Can't really say I associated with elementary kids too much during my jr high days =P Plus I didn't even go to her school. I was shipped away to a private school, remember? I never knew any "town kids" during my school days ha ha.

Flash forward a few years to 2007. Being the "new family" in the church was different. Everyone knew each other but us. We were the first outside family to attend that church since it had formed in the winter of 2002. And since then, out of Kayla's family I only really knew her little sister (9 years younger than me but the same age and grade as my baby cousin Christin). I dunno why but  Taylor always seemed to like me. Which was a first for me because for some reason I always "scared" childen. Frankly I'M the one who's terrified of younger children to this day ha ha. Needless to say I was never a babysitter =P But my uncle was good friends with her dad by this time and of course I knew the family better. We had already been over to their house as a family because they invited us for ice cream and things like that. But I still didn't really know Kayla or her brother. BUT one night her dad called up my house and wanted to know if we would to go revival with him at a neighboring church. My cousins actually attend that church (which is currently the church I attend now. I owe those people much) so I was happy to tag along. We chilled in their living room for a while before Kayla's dad was ready to go. Taylor was 9 at the time and it was past her bedtime but came running into the living room to show me some of her "pictures" and read me  story from school before we left. Her mom laughed at her ha ha. Kayla said hi and things but we didn't really know each other. Anyways, Barry, Uncle Ed and I left together for revival after that. Actually, it was Barry's birthday that day but since it was midweek and a school night for the kids I guess they were planning to celebrate it on the weekend.
After the service we returned to Barry's and dropped him off and once again said hi/goodbye with him and Norma, his wife, and left again for home. At one in the morning that night, merely hours since we had just left them, Norma a perfectly healthy woman, with no history of health problems and only 41, passed away from a sudden heart malfunction fluke.

Things changed pretty quickly for Kayla's family after that. I attended the viewing and the funeral. I still didn't really know the family that well at the time. Norma's death rocked our church. She had been one of the central pillars in that place. I remember people coming up to me because they wanted to know how Kayla was doing because she was the quietest of the 3 children. I got kinda upset at that. I never spoke more than 2 words to her before that time and they just assumed I knew everything about her since I was the only other female relatively close in age to her at that place. But people were worried. Everyone was urging her brother just to eat. He hadn't eaten in days since the sudden passing of his mother. Kayla's little sister lost it at the hospital when the doctors told them Norma was gone, she demanded they bring her "mommy back". But for Kayla...she didn't really show any signs of...anything. And everyone was getting concerned. I remember feeling pretty helpless through the whole ordeal. I didn't know the family well enough to be of any real help and well...just watching someone drown in despair...well....what a great feeling that is. But the one thing I do remember is praying to God to use me in this situation. I couldn't stand watching them fall deeper and deeper in to this dark pit of lonliness. Who knew we'd wind up being best friends? I certainly didn't see that coming xD

Anyways, it was last summer of that year that my cousins took Kayla and her siblings to a local amusement park. My cousin actually worked with Norma...sorta. My cousins works in the ER and Norma worked at a doctor's office but ran errands back and forth to the hospital on like Tuesdays or something so they got to know each other. Plus Kayla's family would visit us up at our campsite where Kayla's little sister and my baby cousin hit. it. off. immediately....and dragged us into their world of games and dolls and old maid. But due to that, my cousin took Kayla and her siblings to the park with her kids and one day at church Kayla came up to me ON HER OWN and started talking to me about my cousins and the fun they had lol. THAT, was the start :) Not long after that we visited her family a the state park near where I live. Kayla and I both agree that's where our friendship was born lol =P

Honestly, we've only been friends since the latter end of 2007. More like 2008 really but we've grown pretty close in that short time.

Looking back, it was pretty convenient. Almost...TOO convenient. Like it was all part of a plan or something! Lol xD We spent a BUTT LOAD of time together due to church things. And since we were always together anyway, what better way to build a friendship? Pretty soon she was inviting me over on weekends (even though I'd see her 3x a week anyway xD) to watch movies and just to hang. Never really did that in high school since I went to a private school we had kids from all districts and my local district....well...there weren't many of us ha ha. Didn't really live near anyone either. Just like my best friend Kate from school...yeah she was 45 minutes away -_- ha ha So spending weekends with a friend who only lived 15 minutes away was absurd! We'd watch movies and then have quotes we'd say whenever we'd see each other ha ha. One of which being "homeslice". We rented a movie in town and she picked "Employee of the Month" to watch and that was something that made me laugh so I started calling her that. And one day when I was over at her house just talking she said how someone at work called her that and she was all "Hey! One of my best friend calls me that!"...tee hee that caught me off guard. I thought I was just a "church friend" that she'd call up to chill since her school friends were busy or such...I didn't realize I had a pretty important position in her life. I've changed a lot over the years...even before knowing Kayla but I've always just been "me" and that's gotten me no where ha ha. Why on earth would she want to constantly hang with me? This girl was confusing =P Though we did always have lots of fun. Ah man...some of the best memories I have are with Kayla. Thank God for Kayla, I never thought I'd ever have a friend like her or memories like "normal" people =P Which is kinda what you get when you live in a household of nothing but senior citizens. But I'm gonna end it there. There's a lot of other things which I could say but I'm tired and I probably couldn't type it all out anyway. Good times, good times ^_^
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