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Aaaaaaaoooh my gosh! I have no idea what's wrong with me.

After battling with my editing program for 2+ hrs I took a break to read some manga (and play Fruit Ninja for a little while. THAT is SUCH a stress reliever! I love it! xD). And what happens? I read this short little one shot and had to fight to keep back tears! Seriously?...Seriously?
...But it's true xD
Lol I was reading "Itsuka no Tsuki de Aimashou" by Mitsuki Kako. Man, I should have known better. Those types of stories get me every time =P I secretly have some kind of "memorial complex" as I'm pretty much devastatingly loyal. It gets to me =P

Note 2 Me: I've gotta get some new icons. I like these and all but I think I need a fresh set...Not like I don't have some spares I could use =P Like a few hundred or so >_<
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